While we attempt to answer most questions in this document if you do have any questions that are not answered here please e-mail [email protected] with any other questions you might have and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Q: What is the difference between the Basic and the Ultimate Shop In A Box?
A: With the Ultimate Shop In A Box, you get everything that comes with the Basic + bespoke design to your specification, including banners, sliders and an advanced back end reporting system amongst other benefits.

Q: Is there a payment gateway included in the Basic package?
A: Yes, there is, we would integrate your Basic package with PayPal, it can accept both PayPal payments and Credit Card payments. You would need to set up a Business PayPal account yourself and give us access to it once the site is ready to go live so that we can integrate it into the site.

Q: Do I need a Business bank account or a Merchant account?
A: If you use a PayPal business account that effectively also acts as your merchant account. You don’t have to have a Business bank account to use PayPal’s Business Account, however you do have to be a registered business at companies house, either as a sole trader or a Ltd. company.

Q: Can I pick and choose what different options I get with my site?
A: We have made the Shop In A Box products as flexible as possible so you can add on bits later if you wish to upgrade. A service fee would apply and when you buy those services separately they work out more expensive than if you buy them packaged in the Ultimate option.

Q: Are there any other fees, like a monthly fee?
A: With the Basic and Ultimate options there are no monthly fees, the price for the site is a one-off fee. However, there is an annual fee to renew the website Hosting and domain name of £149 pa. Your first year is included in the price of the site.

Q: How do we take payment for our order?
A: Payment is made to you by your customer via PayPal (or another payment gateway if you have chosen that option) Once the order is paid for and not until it has been paid for, the order changes status to new paid. It is at that point that the order will be transferred via the API to our system. Once the order has been transferred to our system we take payment from you and not until your payment to us has been received will the order be dispatched to your customer.

Q: Could I host the site on my server?
A: Yes, you can, but your server would need to be configured to work with MySQL 5.1 and PHP 7.0 or higher. We also cannot offer server maintenance or make changes on the site once the site has been migrated to your server.

Q: Is there a Demo Site we can look at?
A: We have live templates that can be viewed here https://www.1on1wholesale.co.uk/buy-a-website/templates. You can navigate around the sites and see how the site would look in terms of functionality. Once you choose a template and pay your 50% deposit, we build a demo site for you and make the changes you request, add your logo and social media links, so you can see what your live site would look like.

Q: Can I pay in instalments?
A: We ask that you pay a deposit of 50% up front, so we can start work on the site and the balance of 50% on completion of the site and once you are happy to sign it off as finished. We use a third party to build the Shop In A Box products and pay them when you pay us, so there is no option to pay in monthly instalments for the Basic and Ultimate Options.

Q: Is my site GDPR compliant.
A: Yes the site comes with terms and conditions which comply with GDPR.

Q: How long does it take after deposit to get the first draft over to us?
A: This depends on how many sites we are building at the time you want your site built, typically we can have your Basic Shop In A Box site up and running in 2 weeks, providing there are not too many changes or extra extensions required. With the Ultimate and extra Services you might want it takes 3 and 4 weeks respectively, again depending on the complexity of what you require.

Q: Will it look the same as the template without colour and logo being the only difference?
A: Yes it will but you would be surprised at how different a site can look with a different colour palette and Logo on it.

Q: I would like to add products from other suppliers to my site, can I do this?
A: Yes, you can add products from other suppliers. Once you purchase the site, the site belongs to you and you can add any products you wish. However please note that the site comes with an API client that is plugged directly into our product and order feeds. This means you will need a separate XML or CSV products feed from the supplier to add the products to your site and update the stock levels. It also means that you would need to place orders manually with the supplier on their site, it would not be an automated process. As you hopefully understand, we cannot maintain or support other supplier’s feeds, so the supplier would need to offer you maintenance and support for them. It is also worth mentioning that if you do add other products from other suppliers to your site and your customer orders one product that comes from us and another product that comes from a different supplier, you will have to pay 2 separate shipping fees. One to us and one to the other supplier.

Q: Can I choose what products I want to stock, if for example I only want to sell vibrators and nothing else?
A: Yes, you can turn off products if you wish, the site has the ability for you to be able to decide which products you want and more importantly don’t want.

Q: Are there any products I can’t sell and why?
A: You cannot sell Poppers (Room Odorizers). You also cannot sell Pornographic images or Movies. It is also advised that you do not show images of genitalia on the site. All of these are prohibited by PayPal and most payment gateways and they would remove your facility, so you would effectively not have any method of taking payment.

Q: How does the stock feed handle discontinued and new products?
A: The stock feed automatically updates your site to make discontinued products not visible on the front end, it essentially parks them. The reason we park them instead of removing them is so that you can still access historical sales data and so that if we decide to introduce the product again due to popular demand it can easily be re-instated. New products are automatically added to the site.

Q: Why is the SALE category populated with some products but they don’t appear to be on SALE?
A: We leave it up to you to populate the SALE category and decide the sale price. The reason we do his is because we run offers all year round that some customers may not wish to participate in. For example, you may choose not to have a SALE on a product we are having a sale on because it sells well for you and you want to be able to maximise your margin on it. Not all sites want to have a special offer on the exact same products. We recommend you keep up to date by visiting our Wholesale site and keeping an eye out for our newsletter to see what products we have on offer and deciding which products you wish to add to your sale category and what price you want to sell them for.

Q: Can I stock products and not use your dropship facility?
A: Yes, you decide, you can either use a Dropship and Wholesale account side by side, so if you have built up an order history and know what products sell well for you, you can hold stock of some lines and send out orders yourself, while at the same time taking advantage of being able to dropship lines that are not as popular on your site. Or you can choose to use a Wholesale account and benefit from bigger discounts by holding your own stock from us or other suppliers, of course.

Q: How do I market my site?
A: While we supply you with the opportunity to get your site up and running as quickly and as cheaply as possible, the marketing of your site is entirely down to you. You will have to run your own social media and newsletter campaigns as well as special offers. We can recommend Mailchimp or SendGird for building and sending Newsletters and can help point you in the direction of online resources so you can learn how to market using social media. For special offers, we run sales and offers throughout the year which you can take advantage of and will allow you to also run offers to your customers.

Q: Do you offer SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) advise.
A: SEO and PPC requirements are constantly changing and are a very specialist area. We can recommend companies that can do this for you but for the reason stated we don’t do this in house. For Gold packages, we use a very reputable third party company to manage the SEO and PPC.

Q: Do you run the site for us and keep an eye on payments and orders in our site?
A: We provide you with the site but do not run it for you. While many of the processes are automated you still need to maintain, run and market the site yourself. It is important that you check your admin system daily to ensure that things are running smoothly. For example, checking orders and making sure there are no issues with out of stock products, or any payment issues from your customer to you or from you to us. It is also important to keep your SALE category up to date and fresh (new offers).

Q: How do you take payment for our orders?
A: There are currently 2 options for this:
Option 1: We send you a PayPal payment request and you click on the link and pay via PayPal, which is a manual task.
Option 2: You sign a recurring credit card agreement that means your card is kept on file with Secure Trading, we do this because Secure Trading have the correct PCI compliance and safety to store credit card details. That means that every time we receive an order from your site we charge your credit card. This is still a manual task at our end but automatic at your end. Coming soon is option 3, Tokenisation. This will be an automated facility for us as well as you. This essentially means you register your card with Secure Trading and every time we receive an order from you it is automatically charged to your Credit Card of choice.

Q: Can I make money using your Shop In A box and Dropship facility?
A: Yes, absolutely, but having a live site on the World Wide Web is not a licence to print money. It will take a lot more than just having a live site to make money. It takes hard work, dedication and money to properly market your site and get results. We provide you with the first step, which is a good-looking site loaded with great products at affordable prices, which allows you to make a decent profit. The rest is up to you!